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Otto Hutt Design 01 Smooth Blue - Fountain [M]
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Otto Hutt Design 01 Smooth Blue - Fountain [M]

Item: H018-61022
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Fountain with platinum-plated steel nib

Click-in cap in 925 Sterling Silver, smooth pattern

Barrels in polished brass, black or blue

1 converter & 1 ink cartridge included

Unique serial number at each pen

Made in Germany

Prices do include cost of white gift box, silver polishing cloth and instructions for use.

Classically puristic. An archetype. Design 01 restricts itself to the essentials. A guarantee of incomparable writing pleasure.

The body of the Design 01 is made of brass, and the layers of lacquer are also elaborately polished after each layer.

Caps are made of sterling silver or coated with rose gold and are available in smooth or guilloché striped designs. The hardware components are coated with high-grade platinum. Available as fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint, and retractable pencil.

All Otto Hutt writing instruments are made entirely in Germany and combine meticulous craftsmanship with fine detail. The result is a range of highquality utensils which can proudly bear the seal "Made in Germany".



135 mm / 5.3 in

Length with cap off
120 mm / 4.7 in

10.1 mm / 0.4 in

27 g / 1 oz